Thursday, December 17, 2009

David Garrard - Crohn's Disease Hero!

No matter how this football game ends, David Garrard is doing an awesome job. Through 3 quarters, David Garrard has 3 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions to Peyton Mannings 3 and 1. My favorite athlete with crohn's disease is having a monster night and after 3 is leading his Jacksonville Jaguars to a potential victory over the Colts. Not bad for a fellow Chronie!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Does Brock Lesner have Crohn's Disease or Colitis

Does Brock Lesner have Crohn's Disease? Dana White announced that Brock Lesnar has a potentially career-ending illness. White didn't name the illness, except to quiet unfounded speculation by saying it isn't cancer or AIDS and that it is an "intestinal disorder" that requires "major surgery." We do know that UFC fighter Drew McFedries has fought with and fought against Crohn's for many years (see my blog post)

This, of course, has fans speculating about what the mystery illness could be. So far, the best guess appears to be Colitis or Crohn's Disease. Stay tuned, if Brock Lesner is confirmed to have Crohn's I will get the scoop.

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