Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Pooped Today T-Shirt

I pooped Today! This I pooped today t-shirt cracks me up. This is not one of my t-shirts but it still makes me laugh. I did poop today. At least 5 times and its only 4:30. By the way, regarding Crohn's and beer. Last night was fun. You could prepay for your beers by 7 and get happy hour prices.$1 16 ounce drafts. So yeah, I stepped up at 6:58 and ordered myself 8 beers. I had some chips and salsa and between that and the beer I pooped last night at least 5 times when we were out partying at Tijuana Flats in Winter Springs (Florida). I kept going to the friends probably thought I was doing blow in there. LOL, and thank god they know me better than that

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ahh, Crohn's and Beer

I see lots of traffic and get questions on Crohn's disease and beer. "Can I drink beer with Crohn's Disease?" "What is the impact of alcohol on Crohn's disease?" The list goes on and on. Well IN MY OPINION...there are two anwers.

If you are having a Crohn's Flare-up: NO, avod alcohol. Common sense here. Even I am pretty good about it.

If you are pretty healthy/in "remission": Go for it. I am somewhere in between. More on the good I will be having a few bud lights tonight. Hopefully not a few more than a few

Catch you guys later.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Personal Crohn's Update

Since some of you guys have been asking....I am doing fairly well right now. I am off of the Asacol, Pentasa, 6mp, etc. I am currently only on Humira. I am due for a shot in about 5 minutes so I thought I would write. My neck is hurting, so my excercise (soccer, running, weight-lifting) is decreasing while my weight is increasing. I haven't gained too much..but a couple pounds. For those of you that don't know me. I am the rare Crohn's guy that never feels too skinny. I eat a cheeseburger and gain 3 pounds...that's just me. So when I get sick or have a Chron's flare up, (and this is sick) I like the liquid diet and weight loss portion. Anyways, my Crohn's Disease is currently under control. i am watching my diet and trying to behave. The night sweats are on and off. One night they are awful. The next night they are OK. I think I have had two good nights in a row, but the AC has been on cold and now that I have a Humira shot coming I will probably sweat tonight. ****UPDATE**** I got my Humira shot tonight and Amy pushed the plunger down on the syringe much faster than normal. This was a good thing. I got it over in 5 seconds instead of 25 and all things considered this Humira shot was significantly less painful.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Watching David Garrard Play Football - Athlete's with Crohn's

So I am sitting here watching David Garrard play football. I love seeing anyone beat Crohn's but I have a special place in my heart for athletes with Crohn's. David is doing well as the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is a fighter on the field and is making short work of Crohn's disease. He really put the weight back on quickly and is treating his Chron's with Remicade. Watching him fight on the football field makes me proud. Also makes me want to get my neck healed so I can get back to soccer!

His story is here:
Jacksonville Jaguar Quarterback David Garrard first experienced symptoms of Crohn’s disease at the end of the NFL season, in January 2003. The diagnosis was confirmed with a colonoscopy, and Garrard began treatment. His management plan included Canasa, prednisone, and finally, Remicade. These therapies failed, and Garrard lost 35 pounds from his 6’2” frame. In June of 2004, he underwent surgery to remove about 1 foot of intestine.
After surgery, Garrard recovered quickly and regained the weight he had lost. A post-surgery examination showed that his gastrointestinal tract was free of Crohn’s. After a routine colonoscopy revealed traces of Crohn’s last year, Garrard again underwent treatment with Remicade, and as of July 2006 is Crohn’s-free.
Garrard has recently entered into a partnership with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America called Team Crohn’s. Team Crohn’s is an initiative sponsored by Centocor Inc that focuses on education about pediatric Crohn’s disease. As part of Team Crohn’s, Garrard is touring
Camp Oasis locations around the country. Camp Oasis is a residential program for children with IBD. Doctors diagnosed David Garard with Crohn's disease in 2004. Despite undergoing surgery in June 2004 to remove a nearly 12-inch portion of his intestines, Garrard played during the 2004 NFL season.
Garrard's wife, Mary, gave birth to the couple's first child, a son, Justin Thomas Garrard, on September 17, 2007.
Educating the public about the disease is now a priority for Garrard. "Even though a lot of people suffer from Crohn's, it's still a condition many people don't know anything about. Since telling others I have this disease, I've had people who seemed to come out of the blue, saying 'Oh, yes, I have that, too.' It's a funny disease in a funny place in an area you don't normally want to talk about over dinner." He has been so successful in building up his body that his coach recently asked him to shed ten pounds off his 250-pound physique. Garrard, who now weighs about 240 pounds and has a mere 9-percent body fat, eats a high-protein diet. That's not the way it was when he was in college, where he ate lots of junk food and had 15-percent body fat, which Garrard says is at the high end of normal for professional quarterbacks.He now stays far away from junk food and no longer has cravings for fried chicken. "I haven't had fried chicken in such a long time that I don't even have a desire for it anymore." But David still loves food. "Sticking to the right diet for me can be a bit challenging," he says, adding, "That'll always be my weakness. I'm a food connoisseur with a passion for everything from Italian to seafood." When it comes to his future, Garrard's goals are straightforward. "I'll do whatever it takes to avoid any more recurrences of Crohn's disease. I eat as healthy as possible, take my medication on schedule, and listen to my doctor. I want to be the best husband I can be and, when I have children, the best father, too."

Pearl Jam, Mike McCready (guitarist) and Fans Continue to Fight Crohn's Disease

Thought this was an interesting story about a Peal Jam Fan doing something to help fight Crohn's Disease. Peal Jam fan Anthony Piscatella of Troy New York won a Peal Jam contest to host a screening of a Pearl Jam concert film is using the opportunit to raise money to fight Crohn's Disease.

Piscatella says he was one of the lucky few chosen on the basis of planning the best screening party, and says he will charge $3 admission to the event and donate the proceeds to a New York City charity, the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.Piscatella said the disease has not had a direct impact on his life, but he became involved because of his appreciation for the rock band, whose membership has been directly affected by Crohn's."I've been working for the last few weeks on hosting a huge benefit for Cornice's disease because Peal Jam lead guitar player (Mike McCready) has Crohn's disease," Piscatella said Thursday, a day after he got an e-mail informing him he would be one of the lucky hosts.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Good Article on Diet and Crohn's Disease - Foods to Avoid

Hey guys - Good article on the role of Diet with Crohn's Disease . Foods to eat, foods to avoid, etc.

The role of diet and nutrition is very important in Crohn's disease and should be considered as an important add-on treatment to medical therapies. Although there is no evidence to show that the condition is caused by nutritional factors, the food you eat can affect the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

Dietary guidelines for Crohn's disease vary depending on the severity of the disease, location of the inflammation, and symptoms. As crohns disease is characterized by inflammation along the digestive tract it is often difficult for the body to absorb enough of the essential nutrients that it needs to function well. In addition, people with Crohn's disease often experience a decrease in appetite.

During an acute phase of crohns disease, bulky foods, milk and milk products may increase diarrhea and cramping. Generally, the patient is advised to eat a well-balanced diet, with adequate protein and calories. Diet may have to be restricted based on symptoms or complications.

Because Crohn's Disease affects the area of the intestines where a lot of the absorption of nutrients takes place, taking supplements is usually advised. The greatest amount of digestion takes place just beyond the stomach in the small intestine. An inflamed intestine as in the case with Crohn's Disease is not able to fully absorb and digest the nutrients from food. As a result Crohn's Disease sufferers are often unable to properly digest and absorb carbohydrates, fats, proteins as well as many vitamins and minerals. Over 40 percent of individuals diagnosed with Crohns Disease showed that they can eat enough food but can’t absorb it adequately, especially carbohydrates. A high quality nutritional supplement can provide the nutrients the body needs for proper health.

Here are some general dietary guidelines for Crohn's disease:

Eat a well-balanced diet
Drink plenty of fluids to offset losses from diarrhea
Consult with your doctor if you need to take vitamin, mineral or herbal supplements
Limit high-fiber foods (whole grains, raw vegetables and fruits, beans and nuts)
Avoid foods that seem to worsen the symptoms
Limit dairy products

What is the best Diet for Crohns Disease?

Unfortunately there is no single effective Chron's disease diet which will reduce symptoms for all patients. A Chrons disease diet may vary from individual to individual and may need to be changed, depending on symptoms or complications.

Most dietitians with experience of Crones disease simply recommend a healthy balanced diet free of any foods that aggravate the symptoms. Generally, foods that make Crohn's disease symptoms worse are processed products, gas-forming fruits and vegetables, alcohol, lactose, caffeine and foods high in fat.

Choosing a proper diet for Chron's disease is important. The detection of foods that seem to worsen the symptoms and the introduction of foods that help ease them is a slow but essential part of overcoming Chrones disease.

written by Robert Hill

Friday, September 21, 2007

Decisions, Decisions - Not really part of my Crohn's Disease Blog

Off Topic I know. What does your haircut have to do with crohn's disease? Nothing. But vote for whether I shave my head short or keep it the same. Vote now

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Terrible night sweats

I feel like I slept in a swimming pool last night. I sweat so much it was unreal. I was too tired to change the sheets so I layed down 2 towels twice during the night. I can already feel the heat coming on now and I am not in bed. Crohn's Disease sweats suck!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Severe Neck Pain

Ok, in a neck has been messed up for a little over a month. It feels to me more of a nerve than a muscle. Last night in my soccer game I tweaked it a bit...then a bit more. It hurt prior to going to bed. Sometime into the middle of the night I realized I can't even move. UNBELIEVABLE PAIN. I barely made it to work, and left at 4 for a doctors appt.. I can't pick my head up all the way without blinding pain. I can't turn it. I can't breathe heavy...cough...nothing...I am googling it now...seems to be unrelated to Humira (which can actually be used to help arthritis and joint/muscle pain). Really nervous...will keep you updated.

OK, so I went to the doctor and got a cortisone injection, solumedrol and a muscle relaxer. I am having serious muscle spasms and have some tears/striations and bleeding. Hopefully no nerve damage. I feel quite a bit better. Hopefully I am not out of soccer and running too long.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Humira, Humira

It's time for a Humira (Adalimumab) shot folks. For me a Humira shot means some brief pain, followed by a night of good Crohn's disease sweats, and then hopefully a few good days. My Crohn's has been pretty good...mostly overshadowed by soccer injuries. Pinched nerve in the neck and bad left knee. We won last night 14-10 indoor...and lost tonight 3-2 at Red Bug (but we played awesome). Time to finish my beer and then have Amy give me my shot.

By the seems I have picked up some readers (shout out to Seattle) of this blog and I am thankful. I might not have the most exciting posts, but I do like to follow the stories and blogs of people with Crohn's. So if you are reading this sometimes or a return visitor...leave me a message. It makes me feel good.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Crohn's Disease Half Marathon Team Challenge Update

Although the CCFA website invited me to sign up and implied there would be a Central Florida group there doesn't seem to be. I was excited to sign up for this half-marathon, and asked for more info over a week ago. Today I got an email informing me of meetings in Boca and Miami...nothing in Central Florida. In fact, no one ever got back to me. Anyways, unless someone local wants to train and contacts me in the next couple of days....I think I am out.

UPDATE (9/11/07) - I got a phone call at work today while I was finishing up a meeting, regarding online training and interest in the Orlando area. The woman from CCFA was VERY cordial and informed me of some virtual training opportunities. That is how I trained for my marathon, so I am intrigued I did not get a chance to read it or attend the online session tonight, but I understand there is another on Thursday. Time is short though...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Athletes and Crohn's - Hockey Player out Indefinitely with Ulcerative Colitis (IBD)

Forward Fernando Pisani will be out of the Edmonton Oilers' lineup indefinitely after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is a type of inflammatory bowel disorder and very closely related to Crohn's disease. Pisani had 14 goals and 14 assists in 77 games with Edmonton last season. After scoring 14 goals in the 2006 playoffs, Pisani was rewarded with a four-year, $10 million contract in the offseason.

Hard to believe that at 30 he is younger than me. I am 32 and struggle with sports and Crohn's on a daily basis. Other athletes with Crohn's Disease:
Theo Fleury – NHL, Shane Corson– NHL, David Garrard - NFL

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Beers, Night Sweats, and Hives

Here I sit, after taking a break from reading The Great Gatsby and I feel hives breaking out on my body. Stomach, arm, back, ears. I have NO idea why. I haen't gotten them since I have been on Humira, but got them during my remicade infusions. I am baffled as to why I have them now. I had a few beers tonight and just took an ambien, so I don' want to take a benadryl. Ahh, the fun of being me! Earlier today I was able to hit the gym for weights and the treadmill before taking a 15 mile bike ride in the midday heat.

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