Monday, September 10, 2007

Crohn's Disease Half Marathon Team Challenge Update

Although the CCFA website invited me to sign up and implied there would be a Central Florida group there doesn't seem to be. I was excited to sign up for this half-marathon, and asked for more info over a week ago. Today I got an email informing me of meetings in Boca and Miami...nothing in Central Florida. In fact, no one ever got back to me. Anyways, unless someone local wants to train and contacts me in the next couple of days....I think I am out.

UPDATE (9/11/07) - I got a phone call at work today while I was finishing up a meeting, regarding online training and interest in the Orlando area. The woman from CCFA was VERY cordial and informed me of some virtual training opportunities. That is how I trained for my marathon, so I am intrigued I did not get a chance to read it or attend the online session tonight, but I understand there is another on Thursday. Time is short though...

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Beth said...

I'm running in the Miami half marathon for Crohn's and Colitis in January! It's my first time running something like this. I'm kind of nervous but it's obviously for a wonderful cause. I was diagnosed with Crohn's this past April. It's still a daily struggle but I'm on Entocort and I seem to have better days. However, I just went for a 4 mile run last night and am now having some lower abdominal cramping. Ever have that? I'm still not sure what to make out of every ache or movement.

Thank you for having this blog. I actually don't know anyone who has Crohn's Disease. It's quite helpful.

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