Sunday, September 16, 2007

Terrible night sweats

I feel like I slept in a swimming pool last night. I sweat so much it was unreal. I was too tired to change the sheets so I layed down 2 towels twice during the night. I can already feel the heat coming on now and I am not in bed. Crohn's Disease sweats suck!

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Anonymous said...

I to have terrible night sweats. How annoying and cruel is that after dealing with gut pain during the day, even if your stomach doesn't hurt at still get to lay in a puddle to sleep. I feel your frustration. My wife also helps by dealing with changing sheets, etc. Tip for ya...if you don't have a King Size Bed...get one! Gives you more areas to soak/avoid!

Todd (Denver)
PS> I am talking to my doctor about Humira this week.

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