Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Pooped Today T-Shirt

I pooped Today! This I pooped today t-shirt cracks me up. This is not one of my t-shirts but it still makes me laugh. I did poop today. At least 5 times and its only 4:30. By the way, regarding Crohn's and beer. Last night was fun. You could prepay for your beers by 7 and get happy hour prices.$1 16 ounce drafts. So yeah, I stepped up at 6:58 and ordered myself 8 beers. I had some chips and salsa and between that and the beer I pooped last night at least 5 times when we were out partying at Tijuana Flats in Winter Springs (Florida). I kept going to the friends probably thought I was doing blow in there. LOL, and thank god they know me better than that

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