Friday, September 28, 2007

Ahh, Crohn's and Beer

I see lots of traffic and get questions on Crohn's disease and beer. "Can I drink beer with Crohn's Disease?" "What is the impact of alcohol on Crohn's disease?" The list goes on and on. Well IN MY OPINION...there are two anwers.

If you are having a Crohn's Flare-up: NO, avod alcohol. Common sense here. Even I am pretty good about it.

If you are pretty healthy/in "remission": Go for it. I am somewhere in between. More on the good I will be having a few bud lights tonight. Hopefully not a few more than a few

Catch you guys later.



Tim @ TCCC.UK said...

Ahh Crohns & Beer

As beer is alcohol, alcohol is a toxic chemical, this will lower your immune system, which is the very thing you need to fight Crohns.
Best to drink a probiotic than a beer.


megan said...

Of course, there are a lot of people that simply can't. I had always had stomach problems as a kid, but it didn't develop into what can be called Crohn's until I turned 21. No- brainer about what changed there. :)
After a 6 month long remission with no processed foods, no spices sparing amounts of fermentables (vinegars, soy sauces etc.), and small amounts of foods with yeast (thank God I am a chef, I would starved, elsewise) in them my doctor insisted to me that I was being ridiculous and told me I could drink and eat all I wanted. 1 night, and 5 rum and cokes later I'm as bad as I was before I got diagnosed. What I think it comes down to most is what affects you individually.

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