Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crohn's Flare Up Again

Man, every time I feel like I just might be getting ahead I seem to flare up. I hate to say it and I know it will disappoint everyone from Dr. Shafran to my wifey but I suck at taking my meds lately. I feel like with the Humira I was doing well and I want to go back on it. But I was having an allergic reaction to Humira. I bring it on myself and I know it, but I am having pain and way too many urgent "movements"! I need to be better about my Pentasa! Ok, short but had to Vent. Keep your heads up guys and gals!


Rose said...

I get lazy about taking my Pentasa too sometimes. Especially the dose I'm supposed to take at lunch time.

I was beginning to get the impression that not too many people are taking Pentasa because no matter what pharmacy I go to, none of them ever have it in stock. I always have to get them to order it. Ever have that problem?

Stargirl said...

Oh man, hope you feel better.

I found this blog around Thanksgiving when I was having a flare-up; it resulted in surgery two days after Christmas and I've recovered okay, but that's the sickest I've been in my life. Pentasa didn't do much for me, so I was glad to be rid of it (SO expensive and SO many doses!) I don't envy you!

Anonymous said...

please don't be hard on yourself. i take my meds exactly on time every day 3 times a day and yet i have flare ups, kidney stones, liver issues, crohn's related arthritis, etc. much the same as you i have the wild moments of "gee, do i really need to renew this med or that" only to have my body give me a horrible reminder that "yes dummy, you need these meds everyday"
we are human and to err is to be human. you hang in there as well and know that you are not alone and that there is a stupid sick kindred spirit between all crohn's suffers and their familes, spouses and children.
keep up your great efforts with the website and know that we appreciate your kind words.

Scottie and ames said...

Rose, I have never had an issue with it actually, thats weird...although it is alot of pills!

ceaser said...

All proctitis patients improved, and reduced medication, and four out of five Crohn's patients had reduced symptoms. The researchers say results are encouraging and that they now need to be followed up. Just how curcumin could be protective is not clear, but one theory is that it interferes with the body's production of cells that are involved in inflammation.try this extract.

Anonymous said...

I just randomly found this blog. My wife has a bad case of Crohn's. She is on remicade right now but she isn't feeling well. she has only been dignosed for about a year. She is in the other room crying because she is scared right now and i'm trying to find answers for her. = ) how do I know if she is having a "flare up?"

Anonymous said...

hi everybody . i would like to share a little of my life story
i am 32 years of age i was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1995
i tried many different diets i was on prednisone for about 10 years went trough many doctors
i was on 6mp Cipro and Remicade and many other drugs i was hospitalized on average ones a year.
last summer i had two operations and was in the hospital for almost three mounts back and forth. i am still going to the bathroom at least 4 times a day..

but i never gave up!!

i have a beautiful family a loving wife with six children and the same job for the last 10 years
i play music for a hobby and i am a member of a softball team
i don't have to explain or detail the suffering and pain to you my friends as you all know very well what it means...
what i do want to share is as follows..
some days we think OMG i cant take it anymore the pain is to severe and the struggle is to much to bare
how much will i be able to go on like this
i am so young and i have suffered so much and there is no cure in site
and you get sad and you are trying to hide the tears..
i am talking to you my Friend don't give up take it from me i have been there done that and i am still standing!!!
i promised myself never never will i give up hope and i will always keep going forward

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked into Lialda? It's made by the same company that makes Pentasa but you only need to take it once a day

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