Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stem Cell Transplant for Crohn's Back on the Table for me

Well, I guess me taking place in a stem cell transplant trial is back on the table. I went back to my doctor and am now getting reasy to schedule a sit-down meeting to see if I qualify. Last time I had to get the Humira out of my system which is done. Another update, I have been on 20mg Lexapro for the past month. I don't notice a difference but my wife says I am less of an asshole. Anyone else here on Lexapro?

Previous Post:
So I saw the Dr. Shafran and Patty today. I gotta say these guys (Winter Park, Fl) are the best gasto doctors I have come across in the 13 years I have had Crohn's Disease. Anyways we discussed a wide variety of topics. I need to be Humira free for 3 months before I can start the clinical trial that is Stem Cell Transplant for Crohn's. The trial is actually a 4 stage blood transfusion that I am going to read up on more (and report my findings tonight). It seems pretty low risk, but there is a 1/3 chance I will get a placebo, (what, red kool-aid??) 1/3 chance I get a half transplant (hopefully my right side!), and 1/3 chance I will get a full transplant. I am going for a 3-d Cat Scan next week which will allow them to better see the extend of my disease. As a bridge I am going back on Pentasa/Azulfidine (9 pills a day). I also am going to try Lexapro (10 mg). I have not been myself this past year. I am myself (HAPPY) about 2 hours a week. The rest of the time I am in pain, bummed, tired, stressed and cranky. I also have alot of anxiety issues and fear of death and dying, thought not necessarily dying from Crohn's Disease. Anyways more to come later.


demilu said...

wow, i'm actually at a similar place in my treatment. i'm about to start what sounds like the same stem cell study- regular infusions of adult stem cells. my dr. also recently prescribed lexapro for me, but i haven't decided whether i'm going to start it or not. just a bit uneasy about it, not knowing much.
good luck with your study!

Scottie and ames said...

hey..nothing to be uneasy about (for me at least) with Lexapro...definitely doesnt make you feel if it make you act different, then big plus. I recommend giving Lexapro a shot....keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

Since Dr. Shafran is your doc, have you tried the Anti-MAP treatment?

Jo said...

Hey, I have recently been put on lexapro too!, but its not doing much, i have pain in my left stomach been nauseous a general pain to be around...the pain is one thing but being a pain is another!

Anonymous said...

I am on lexapro. it is the Bees Knees! It takes about a month to start effecting you. Since being on it my anxiety and stress has gone down and i have had 1/2 the number of flare ups. It does deminish any sex drive though. So say good bye stomach aches hello angy boyfriend.

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