Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haha, a Funny Poop Story!

So if you read my post below, you will see how miserable I was with my Crohn's last night. So prior to me being sick here is what happened. Two nights ago I went to Walmart and was perusing the very wide selection of liquid antacids. Malox, Tums, etc. I chose the cheapest one and moved on. So last night, I am feeling like crap and decide that I need something bad. So I take a big, big swig of my trusty bottle. In fact I drank about 1/4 of it. Mucho pooping ensued. I was up every hour and it was miserable. So I get home tonight and look at bottle...yeah I bought Phillips Milk of Magnesia. So now 24 hours or so later, my stomach is feeling better. I vow to never OD on laxatives again.


BrightSide said...

Ouch that's awful. Yeah... laxative+Crohn's=BAD! If you're looking for a good antacid- try Zantac. It works for a long time and it's been on the market for so long that it's known to be safe.

As for the 'raw bits'... a little dab of petroleum jelly (Vasciline) externally, overnight will help that out very well and won't sting. ;)

Madaise said...

My doctor prescribes aciphex for me - I take it twice a day. I guess one of the tests they did showed some reflux. But the bigger issue was that it seemed to be causing me to throw up. Once I started taking the aciphex twice a day, the puking mostly stopped.

It was so bad I had a close friend ask if I was bulimic... as if I don't already have enough issues. ugh.

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