Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Done with Osiris Prochymal Stem Cell Experiment

So yeah, my round 2 of my Osiris Prochymal infusions didn't go so well. My Crohn's has been flaring even worse since the second phase started. Literally hours after the infusion I started flaring and haven't been right all week. Tremendous pressure in my stomach and gas (signs of a potential blockage). So I am abandoning the final infusion and assuming this round I got rerandomized as a placebo. It happens with trials, but not worth a couple more hours of sugar water. Got a script for Entocort steroids to try to quell the Crohn's flare up. I should be frustrated, but I honestly am not. It's all part of God's plan and I am just gonna keep rollin on. Back to the drawing board when I visit Dr. Shafran on Monday.


resting_rabbit said...

That's a great attitude to have. A moderator at one of the CCFA support groups told me once "Everyone hits remission at some point."

Happy Holidays,

Sarah's Blog said...

Don't lose hope. We'll get you all better.

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