Thursday, May 21, 2009

City Councilman Busted with Weed - Cites Medical Marijuana for Crohn's

Seems like either using marijuana to treat Crohn's Disease or using Crohn's Disease as an excuse to spark up a fattie is catching on!

An city councilman in Everly, Iowa who was arrested on marijuana charges has resigned.

47 year old Stephen Rank submitted his resigation from the council on Monday. In a letter to city officials, Rank says the May 11 search of his home and his arrest have brought an inordinate amount of attention to the council.

Rank was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after investigators with the Clay County sheriff's office found what they described as a significant amount of marijuana in Rank's home in the small northwest Iowa town.

Rank was in the middle of his second term on the council when he was arrested.

He claims he has Crohn's disease and uses marijuana to treat the condition.

In Other Crohn's and Marijuana News: Judging by the picture Grandma SEVERE flare up of Crohn's Disease.


Ask a Nurse said...

No cure of any disease can be marijuana...this is an absurd proposition.

Anonymous said...

Yes its not a cure and he didn't say it was.. He said it was a treatment. Which it is..genius.

Generic Propecia said...

Marijuana could be of help??? Is someone kidding?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am glad he does not smoke it just to get high, and I agree, he is good with words. There is more to the story, only we backwards small town folks let him save face, keeping it just "medical marijuana". To hear him tell it though, he was crucified by the press and the backwards Iowa people and unfair laws. Iowa is one of the more progressive states in the Union, not withstanding that medical marijuana is illegal. He did not get one bad piece of press out of this (all press pieces stress that he is being persecuted because of his disease), and there is more to the story that has nothing to do with pot. The stories that appear in the press, while numerous, stress an angle on the story that is totally supportive to his point of view. He does not want any undue attention, and states so on his website, www.ogreatone.NET, so please do not visit this site.

Anonymous said...

I smoked marijuana when I was a teen until my early 20's. During this time I never had any issues. I quit smoking it & with in six months I was in the hospital. Diagnosed with Crohn's. I have a cousin that has it & was diagnosed with it by the time he was 14.
I from time to time smoked it to help with the flare ups. I got it under control & no longer smoked it. I am now 36 & am having to go back to treatments. With my job's random drug testing I can't afford to take the chance. I need the insurance to cover my medical cost.
I know it doesn't cure it. I also know it helps in the treatment. Anyone with Crohn's that has tried it will tell you the same thing.

Anonymous said...

man there isnt anything wrong with him lighting up sum fattys.

Anonymous said...

i have crohn's disease ive been in and out of the hospital the past 6 months, ive had multiple surgeries. I am 20 yaers old and i smoke weed, yes to help with pain, but sometimes i admit it doesnt always work nothing does. Belive me.

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