Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twitter and Crohn's Disease

Not sure why this is newsworthy since I have tweeted about my Crohn's from the get go, but interesting I guess.....

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City mother used to help keep friends and family informed during her daughter's surgery on Wednesday.

Shari Flanagan's 13-year-old daughter, Katie, underwent a new type of surgery for Crohn's disease at Children's Mercy Hospital.

During the three-hour operation, Shari "tweeted" about the experience on behalf of Children's Mercy so that other parents would get an idea about what was going on. It also allowed friends and family to follow along.

According to Children's Mercy, Katie is out of surgery and doing well. The surgery is expected to put her disease into remission.

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themethatisme said...

Hello Scott, just found your blog and will make a point of popping in from time to time.
Wondered if news from this side of the pond gets to you at all.

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