Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stress and Crohn's aka The Impact of Divorce on Crohn's

So I know this guy (cough, cough) that has Crohn's Disease and is going throughthe begininng stages of a divorce. Seems like every time he is stressed out his Crohn's Disease flares up. Nutrition is his main problem right now. He has loss 10 pounds mostly because he can't stomach food. Yesterday's nutrition consisted of a smoothie with protein powder, 4 Coors lights, and a half a peanut butter sandwich. Stress. Divorce stuff, financial obligations, AC broke and house is 92 degrees, dogs neglected and lashing out, work is crazy, he misses his daughter, etc. Oddly enough my...uh his health is actually pretty good. Started taking vitamins today to get some nutrients in my system. Workouts are suffering due to lack of fuel but still got in a fast 2 miles yesterday. Haven't had time for gym. Hopefully tonight. Anyhow, I am wondering if the inability to eat much is keeping the Crohn's at bay. Not taking ANY painkillers and am barely taking Pentasa. Missed an appointment for Stem Cell study at Dr. Shafrans....they are gonna be pissed...Anyways...he's gonna be allright in the long run. Everyone involved will be better off.


Marianne said...

Good luck to your friend. ;-) I wonder alot about the future of stem cells to treat crohn's.

Anonymous said...

The more I read your blog, the more commonalities we seem to have. I just went through a 3 month seperation (missing my 2 daugters immensely). My wife & I are giving it another shot & I think it will be a better relationship (counseling, etc.). Like yourself I am physically active in the gym and softball, etc (33yrs old & love beer). I am increasingly frustrated with my symptons and the lack of medication which works (& doesn't kill me). Anyhow, if u want to hit me up on e-mail (tl8125@yahoo.com) feel free. Good luck with everything, stay positive for your daughter!!

Brandi from Seattle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about "your friend's" life drama. I will keep them in my thoughts and hopefully things will smooth out soon. Take care. Keep keeping on.

genkiboy said...

i wish i had something witty or at least helpful to say. hang in there, man.

Tonya said...

Good luck to your "friend" =)

I've found that when I just don't eat that my Crohn's almost goes away. The bathroom trips are gone and the pain is gone too. I just got taken out of the study for Orencia for Crohn's so I'll be interested to see what comes of your stem cell study.

Rob said...

Could any of your reccommend a good stomach-friendly vitamen that has a good bit of Vitamin B for a Chron's sufferer?

My cousin used to take one that had like 12,000 times the Vitamin B dose and said it was great.


sahar said...

Hey Scott,

I'm sorry to hear about your current situation. Hang in there...things will get better with time!

It's crucial to get support from people that can understand what you're going through especially during times like these. What do you to get support for Crohn's Disease? Do you know a lot of people that have CD?

Hope that you're feeling better!

Take care,

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