Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Osiris Prochymal First Phase Complete

Well, I am definitely feeling a bit different. I think better?? All of the stress i am going through would normally propel me like a rocket, straight into (or is it ass backwards into) a flare up. I believe the fact that my Crohn's is not flaring, despite the fact that I am not on ANY other medication (aside from the Osiris Prochymal) looks good. I am still having pain and all of that good stuff but it is just "different." I wish I could be more descriptive, but words fail me. I have never been too good at being in tune with my Crohn's...I kind of just deal. On the negative side, my body is a wreck from sports and the stem cells should theoretically be helping me out a bit with muscle soreness and issues. My knee is shredded and I need to have surgery, and my back is still giving me fits. Every day I play soccer (injuries have kept me out a full week as of tomorrow) I have another strain or pull. Maybe its just the old age. At any rate, I have a follow up docs appt next Thursday and we'll see where we go from here!


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Ran across your blog looking for something else. Hey, please give the SCD diet a try. It has really worked for a lot of people I know, including me. The disease in my opinion is not "autoimmune"--which makes a convenient excuse for drug companies to develop extremely expensive medications--it is related to bacterial overgrowth, high carb/sugar diet and a lot of antibiotics floating around in America. Give your body a break, switch to all SCD diet, and see what happens. I also have Crohn's disease (90% better and off all meds x 4 years) and am also an MD.

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