Friday, August 22, 2008

US Olympic Athetes with Crohn's - Carrie Johnson and Tairia Flowers

It just dawned on me that after reading about two olympic athletes with Crohn's in Sports Illustrated, that I never created a blog post. So sorry if I am a bit late to the game keeping my peeps in the Crohn's loop on this one. Carrie Johnson of the women's kayaking team and Tairia Flowers US Softball infielder are the two US Olympic Athlets with Crohn's Disease. As a soccer player, runner and athlete I have a lot of respect for these two women and their accomplishments. It's hard enough to make it to the olympics in any sport. Anyone up for some new sports? I think I can take anyone in Speed Pooping! I heard they are considering adding "Hovering" at the 2012 Olympic Games in London!

So about the athletes:

Tairia Flowers
is representing the United States at the Olympics for the second time in her career this summer in Beijing, where she will play first base and catcher for the gold medal favorites. Flowers, who married a former UCLA basketball player, was limited in Athens by a Crohn's disease.

Carrie Johnson recently placed fifth in the 2007 World Championships of Kayaking. She was also the first U.S. kayaker to qualify for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Carrie Johnson also makes no secret about the fact she lives with Crohn's disease.

Carrie's Crohn's symptoms began while she was training for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. While she was training for the Games, Carrie began suffering from extreme fatigue, severe weight loss and anemia. Carrie is a proud advocate for people living with Crohn's disease. She is actively involved in the CrohnsAndMe website (, a site dedicated to people whose lives are affected by Crohn's disease. The website contains useful links to Crohn's disease resources, a tracking feature to help keep records of Crohn's symptoms, and information about the treatment available for Crohn's disease. Johnson, a native of California, is now 24 years old, and will compete in Beijing in a 26 pound single kayak.

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