Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why is he talking about Merchant Processing on a Crohn's Blog?

Ok, so in 3 years I have never really pushed one product or service on this site. But my friend started this company and it is really cool. I thought of my Chronies because you can pretty much set your own hours and work from home. This is NOT a home based business scam where you have to pay to sign up...not multi-level....just an awesome commission based job with no quotas, etc.

In the simplest terms, FlashBanc is a national merchant processing provider - They provide businesses with the ability to accept credit cards (or pay less fees on transactions in their store or website). They are hiring Account Executives as independent contractors. Essentially you would be going into businesses (small and large) and offering them merchant processing solutions.

A lot of people start with companies they personally frequent.
Basically they are saying "Oh hey, Mrs. Smith (that owns the salon or gym or whatever), do you know what rates you are paying your merchant processor?"
Mrs. Smith says "no, or x.x%"
Rep: "Well my company does that....can i get a copy of your statement and see if I can save you some money"
Mrs Smith: Yeah, sure I guess
Rep: Ok, well if I can save you a decent amount of money can I earn your business?
Mrs Smith: says send the statement, they analyze and beat the rates and you go back to Mrs. Smtih a hero.

You get their statement and then Flashbanc reviews it and offers a better package, saving the businesses a good deal of money. You bring the proposal back and are the hero. The biz doesn't pay and the switch is painless and done by Flashbanc. Then comes the best earn a % of every singe credit card transaction your client's make.

It really is a great opportunity. Most companies are getting raped by their merchant processor and don't really understand the you are helping them get a better, fair deal. Email me at if you want to know more.

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