Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Quick Crohn's Disease Update

Haven't really talked about my Crohn's in a while. My life has been nuts lately. I've been under a ton of financial stress, and dealing with my past relationships...well one of them anyways. An utter nightmare that I am so glad to have behind me. No idea how I made it through the past 9 months without a major Crohn's flareup.

Now I am dealing with getting a new company off the ground, all while trying to keep my house and pay my unworldy, huge child support payments. Fortunately I have found someone that gives me so much support, I wonder how I even deserve it.

Anyways, I am pretty much not on any medication right now. Supposed to be on Entocort, but I never really got its started. I've been leading a healthier lifestyle, and the overall hapiness negates the "small stuff" stress. I still deal with cramping and all the other fun stuff, but it seems more manageable. Maybe the Prochymal did help?!

I've gotten alot of very inspirational emails and comments from my fellow chronies. You guys amaze me....your Crohn's Disease makes mine look like a hangnail, but you remain positive. Keep your head up guys. God has a plan for us all. Keep fighting, and continue to inspire those around you.

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Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog.

I just wanted to say that you are quite inspiring. Keep up the fight!

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