Monday, February 9, 2009

Crohn's Disease Patient Claims Marijuana was to Treat Crohn's

Ok, so I want to use this as a serious article, but it's impossible. This buffoon gets caught growing 54 plants (Obiously not for personal use), has methamphetamines in his system and cocaine in his pocket. So much for using this to stimulate discussion regarding medical marijuana and Crohn's Disease!! Article Below:

Police who raided the home of chronically sick Christopher Hazelwood found 54 cannabis plants which he claimed he was growing to use as pain relief for his condition.

Mendip magistrates were told that tattoo artist Hazelwood had suffered Crohn's disease for many years and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach because he could not take food through his mouth. The court heard that 48-year-old Hazelwood also had brittle bones and the disease osteoporosis had already set in.

His solicitor, Gwen Browne, told the court at Frome that Hazelwood used the drugs both as pain relief and an appetite stimulant and that the small amount of amphetamines that were found were to give him a decent standard of life.

Hazelwood, of Sunny- mead, Oakhill, pleaded guilty to producing a quantity of cannabis on December 16, possession of cannabis and possession of cocaine.

Magistrates adjourned the case until Wednesday, February 25, and asked for a pre-sentence report. They told Hazelwood they were looking at all sentencing options and had not ruled out sending the case to crown court for sentencing.

Jill Macnamara, prosecuting, said that when police raided the house they found six plants in the shed and more plants in a bedroom, while in the kitchen they found some small bags containing the amphetamines and cannabis. She said that cannabis plants were of various sizes with seven of the smallest plants and 10 large plants.

Miss Macnamara said that the plants were growing in soil and officers found a timer, thermostat, a boxed fan and lights, which were a set up for growing the drug. "The defendant fully admitted that he was growing the plants and explained that while it was for a significant medical condition he was not putting forward his medical reason as an excuse."
Miss Browne said it was an unsophisticated growing system.

"At their biggest they were 44cms tall and 25 of them were 34cms tall. The plants would last him three weeks." "These plants were for medical uses. He has extremely distressing long-term health problems. The cannabis is both for pain relief and an appetite stimulant."

She said that Hazelwood had 3.58g of amphetamines in his possession and that his condition was so drastic that it prevented him from going out most of the time.


Anonymous said...

WTF do you know about it? Don't be so judgemental on someones lifestyle because you do not agree with it. Do you keep alcohol in your home? We keep over 600 cannabis plants in our garden for one Crohn's patient with a 15 gram per day prescription. 60 plants would not be nearly enough. How many different strains did he have for different symptoms? Again, WTF do you know about it? Cannabis can literally improve the quality of life for some patients as much as 100%. I see it with my own eyes in many Crohn's afflicted people.

Scottie Roy said...

WTF do I know about it? Seriously? When someone is claiming medical use and caring around meth and coke it doesn't look good for folks like you. Furthermore, along the lines of WTF do you know about it. Where did I say I don't agree with medical use? Do you know if I smoke marijuana or not?

Anonymous said...

I am a 24 year old son of a mother who has had Chron's almost my entire life. I have seen her have surgery after surgery, steriod after steriod, and remicaid whatever you could imagine to help her through this terrible disease. I've watched it tear her apart mentally and physically. We live in Texas where we have no kind of medical marijuana laws so that prohibits my mother from being able to use marijuana to substitute or reduce the use of other more harmful pharmasuedicals. I can't believe that doctors would rather give her hydrocodone,tylenol 3,lomotril, all these pharmasuedicals that have more possble harmful side effects than marijuana. It's almost like the government doesn't care about you as a person. To deny someone who is dying the use of a plant that may help their current medical situation should be illegal,unethical, and Unamerican. I do not know how many people in Texas that feel the same but I personally am going to make it a personal goal to try to get some legislation to change the current marijuana laws inside my state.

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