Monday, April 20, 2009

Turmeric - Magic Spice for Crohn's?

Interesting Research from New Zealend Regarding the Spice Turmeric. Anyone tried Turmeric for Crohn's?

The spice turmeric might be the magic ingredient to bring relief to people suffering from irritable bowel disease.

Researchers at Nutrigenomics New Zealand have found that curcumin, the major yellow component of the turmeric spice, reduces inflammation for those suffering from irritable bowels.
They said the discovery could help in the development of diet-based treatments for people suffering from the disease.

The results of the study were published in the British Journal of Nutrition.
"Crohn's disease, a form of inflammatory bowel, can be aggravated or relieved by the sufferer's diet," Plant and Food Research researcher Christine Butts said.

"However, due to the number of genes involved, different people with different disease genotypes can be affected by different foods, so there isn't a `one size fits all' solution.
"Only by systematically linking particular components to effects on the specific genotype can we get a true understanding of the disease and how to treat it."

The finding could mean some people with Crohn's disease might benefit from eating turmeric, but it was dependent on their genetic makeup, Ms Butts (HAHA, - Scottie) said.

"Others may not get any benefit, or may even have a severe reaction. However, we are one step closer to understanding this disease and how to best control it with diet."


resting_rabbit said...

I've read about people who eat it with every meal, make tea with it, etc. on the SCD lists. I do not tolerate it unless very small amounts and cooked in something. Reminds me of curry--maybe it's in curry.

Anonymous said...

It's worth a try. It counteracts Tumor Necrosis Factor which is over expressed in Crohn's disease. Humira and Remicade also target Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). It's cheap and easy to get. It's worth trying. Some guy published a study recently saying that coconut oil will lessen intestinal inflammation; I tried it and it defintely did something good. Don't overdo it; it'll give you constipation. Try just a teaspoon every other day and adjust as necessary. It's palm oil and supposedly bad for your heart so just do the bare minimum that you can. Metamucil and multi-strain probiotics also help me.

Anonymous said...

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Sheri Perl said...

I am writing this comment because I have lived with both Crohn’s Disease and Hepatitis C for over 40 years I know well what you are describing. I remember just how horrible and terrifying it can be. I will briefly tell you my story so that you will understand a little bit more about who I am and why I am writing this comment to begin with. In 1967, at 16 years old, I fell ill to Crohn’s Disease. My parents and I believed in nothing but major medicine. By 1969, after years of living with the kind of agony I read about in many of your descriptions, I was fighting for my life on the operating table. I was hemorrhaging profusely from the Crohn’s and we had to stop the bleeding. The result of two surgeries was a temporary ileostomy, (which I lived with for 15 years, from 18 to 34) along with a case of Hepatitis C from contaminated blood transfusions. By my 20th birthday I was so sick with the Hepatitis C that my parents were advised to give money to research in the hope that a cure would be discovered.
At this point, with no belief what-so-ever in anything remotely like this, and purely out of desperation, I contacted a British spiritual healer named Harry Edwards. I had heard about him two years before but at the time I just couldn’t open my mind to what I was sure was absolute fairy tale nonsense. Now, with nothing to lose I figured what the hell…it wasn’t going to hurt me.
At this time I was living with the ileostomy and was managing pretty well with that. It was the Hepatitis that was raging out of control. Fortunately I didn’t have physical pain from the Hepatitis C, however, I was a literal dishrag….I had no energy.
24 hours after my letter was placed into the hands of Mr. Edwards, by my father, I began to experience energy and a sense of well being like I hadn’t known in years! Although the past 6 months of bed rest had produced no change in my blood, my first blood test taken 2 weeks after the initial contact with Harry Edwards was made, showed great improvement. Within 6 months my blood tests looked remarkable and I felt well for the first time in a very long time. You can understand how this remarkable turn around in my health set me on the path where I find myself now, and since I have been on that path, I have learned many things, all that come under the heading of Complementary Medicine.
I prefer the term complementary medicine to alternative medicine because I want to make it clear that this is not an either or mentality in which major western medicine versus alternative medicine. On the contrary, the two can and should work hand in hand together, for both have the same goal, to help the sick get well.
But, from my experience, if you are solely involved in the major medical model, you will not be exposed to alternatives. From where I stand now that is like being left in a dark basement with little light and no way out. Because I was there in 1969, because I know what it feels like to be devastated by illness, I have dedicated my life to sharing what I have learned. I continue to study, because there is much to explore but at this point I can say that 99% of the time I live free from pain although I do have Crohn’s Disease, and I have abundant and vibrant energy although I still have the Hepatitis C virus. I’ll be 59 in February and I feel much better now than I did when I was 18! But there are many things that I do that help me, things that I had to find for myself, by stepping way out of the medical box! I’d like to help you too, if I can. If you are at all interested in learning more please see my website: which will link you to my blogs. And please, let me hear from you if you would like to be included in my remote healing circle for which there is no mandatory fee. You can always reach me at for prayer requests. Just put “healing” as the subject matter and I will know to open up the email!

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