Thursday, April 9, 2009

Woman Seeks Compensation that Working Conditions Worsened her Crohn's

I may be a bit out of the loop, but air conditioning worsening Crohn's? Reeealy??? Hmm. Thoughts anyone?

A woman who claims that a condition she suffers from was made worse by her working conditions is seeking a payout.

Elizabeth Andrews had to take over a year off work after her Crohn's disease worsened. The 40-year-old was transferred from her role at Tate Britain in Millbank to the Tate Modern. She claims that she made the move only reluctantly and because she felt she had no choice. According to Ms Andrews, the size of the Tate Modern and its air conditioning system caused her Crohn's disease to flare up.She said: "It became clear that it was not suitable for me. It is a much bigger and colder building than Tate Britain.

The air conditioning from the CCTV room where I worked from time to time made my [Crohn's] worse."A condition that causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, Crohn's disease usually starts between the ages of 15 and 40 and is slightly more common in women than men.


Anonymous said...

Can this be put in the Guinness book of world records as the only occurrence due to air conditioning? She could get some money for that...maybe.

If she would've gone with STRESS, I would've bought it!

resting_rabbit said...

She said she was already forced into another position. I can't stand really cold air all the time. It probably is stress and cold air conditioning...there are buildings downtown where I live known as 'sick' buildings and this is from healthy folks.

Scottie Roy said...

Seriously, I had to reserve comment to make sure I wasn't missing something...but the air conditioning!??!

Clare said...

I could buy a fare up due to stress of a transfer, busier branch, not liking her job, etc. Air conditioning, seriously?

The fact that she didn't want to go in the first place makes it seems more due to stress & emotional issue rather then crohn's. I hope she doesn't get any money.

BrightSide said...

Hello... a sweater! My work place is freezing, but I'm wearing a sort of long-johns under my dress pants and a sweater. Problem solved. lol

Megan said...

Hey Scottie! I reached out to you about a month ago with the mix1 protein drink. We're getting a ton of feedback about how mix1 helps people suffering from Crohn's ... if you're still interested we'd love to ship you a case to try out. If so, email me at Thanks! Megan

Anonymous said...

People with Crohn's that make claims like this make me angry. It stigmatizes the rest of us who are trying very hard to lead a productive life despite the things we endure. For example, thanks to a former firefighter in Orlando, Florida, if you have Crohn's or UC, you can not be employed by the fire department. Instead of choosing a new career, the fire fighter made a claim for damamges based on the stress from the job he claimed caused his flares. I have not doubt stress causes flares, but we all know how it works and we have a responsibility to take control of our lives and take steps to reduce our stress. Now that door is closed for others who would want to serve our community in that way. He should have found a new career and left that one for someone else.

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