Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 Tips for Managing Your Crohn's Disease Through the Holidays

1. Keep to Your Routines - Continue to take your medication on time and get regular rest. Crohn’s Disease Flare Ups are bound to happen when you don't follow the routine that works for you.

2. Beat the Holiday Blues - If you feel the holiday blues coming on, don't be afraid to talk to your healthcare provider. The sooner you get help, the better you will feel throughout the season. As I have said many times, I always have Crohn’s Disease flare ups during the holidays. So far so good this year!

3. Don't Party Too Hard - Decide which social functions you can realistically attend without stress overload. Running yourself ragged to make every holiday party can leave you too tired to enjoy any of them. Be sensible about holiday drinking. Some people with IBD find that alcohol can contribute to symptoms such as diarrhea or gas. I suck at this one!!

4. Less is more - Keep your entertaining simple, and save yourself energy and frustration. I suck at this one too…come to my holiday party!

5. Take a Break! - Take a time out for yourself if you need it. Some quiet time to de-stress is important.

6. Travel Well – Keep your diet…get your rest. Manage your Crohn’s Disease, don’t let it manage you.

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abizarre1 said...

I have found a lot of great information on your blog and just wanted to say "Thank You". I'm a 28 year old female, married for 2 years to a wonderful husband who has had to endure this great demand in my life that provides me 110% support.

I was diagnosed just a year ago and have the same ileum problem that you speak of. Reading into your life I also was able to discover that I have sweats too. But it's all hours of the day. It doesn't stink, but is simply embarrassing. I want to believe they have been able to maintain my ileum inflammation with Pentasa (a lot of it). However, there is a different problem that I’ve been battling with that has gotten completely out of hand. I too spent my holidays in the hospital. In case I have your curiosity up, or you care to know, I have a side effect of Crohn’s which is fissure’s. I don’t know which is worse the fissure’s or fistula’s. I haven’t had those yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if I develop those as well. My fissure’s got so severe they rushed me into the operating room after an examination at my surgeon’s office on Friday. There’s not much that can be done for me except they removed some excess skin my body has been producing to heal itself. The surgeon told me that I have one of the most severe cases of fissure’s he’s ever seen. I had 5 all at once. My GI Specialist now wants to put me on Humira to see if it holds these things at bay as I can’t live on painkillers and Prednisone the rest of my life. I have so many reservations of this or any other kind of medication for the simple fact is the long term effects. Thanks to your blog I have this weekend to decide whether or not I go in Monday for my injection. I’m in the process of finding an herbal treatment. Thanks again very much for your information and the life story that you’ve shared. Good luck to you and your family!! And cheers to the New Year!

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