Sunday, December 2, 2007

Record Day for this Crohn's Disease Blog - Due to David Garrard Crohn's Mention on NBC

Watching the Jaguars Colts NFL game today and they mentioned David Garrard's Battle with Crohn's Disease and also some stuff on his wife Mary. As a result I have had over 250 visitors so far today (average about 125 a day) from people doing Google searches for terms such as David Garrard Crohn's. Garrard Crohn's, David Garrard wife Mary, David Garrard Crohn's Treatment, Jaguar crohn's, mary garrard and many more.

For those of you looking, my David Garrard 2 of my Garard related posts are here, and here.

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Anonymous said...

David Garrard is being treated with Remicaid, and has been for about two years. He is a patient at the Borland Groover Clinic in Jacksonville, FL., treated by Dr. Robert Kanner.

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