Monday, December 3, 2007

Embarassing Crohn's and Work Story - Unbelievable

So this morning I get to work about an hour early as normal. I fold up the sports section of the Orlando Sentinel and put it my back pocket. I then begin my casual stroll to the bathroom. "Nothing to see here folks, not going poop..just minding my own business..."

So I read about all of the NFL news, wash my hands, check my face out in the mirror for any leftover toothpaste or zit cream, and walk back into the office. I stroll through the hall of our accouting department and give a half-hearted, monday morning hello to the ladies. I see our COO walking down the hall and she is looking at me funny.

From about 20 ft away, I see this look...then she asks me what is that....At this point I notice that I have toilet paper (from lining the seat) stuck in my pants. And n0t 5 sheets. I double it up on the seat, so I had a good 15-20 sheets trailing down my pant leg like a tail. It was so long that about 2 sheets are touching the floor!!!

She starts cracking up and says, "OH, this is going to be a good one Scott." As I snatched it out of my pants, I calmly replied that I was throwing myself a ticker-tape parade to start the beginning of the week!

Wow, what a Monday. I love Crohn's disease and poop stories. Unfortunately this one is VERY true!

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Brandi In Seattle said...

OMG! Thanks for the laugh. That is a great story.

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