Friday, October 24, 2008

Doctor's Appointment, Vitamins and More Oh My!

Had a doctor's appointment at Dr. Shafran's office today to stay on track for the osiris prochymal stem cell study. My stomach has been pretty rough lately, lots of cramping and pain. I think I may be in for the next round of stem cell infusions.

I have a lot of trouble with vitamins. Maybe it is just me, but multi-vitamins tend to aggravate my stomach (cough, cough diarrhea!). I found a new multi-vitamin in a liquid format that seems to work really well for me. If you are looking for a good vitamin..check out Nature's Plan, Source of Life vitamins. I found them onsale for 40% off at Amazon. (click the link to the left). Anyone else have any suggestions for good vitamins for people with Crohn's disease?


BrightSide said...

I have trouble with vitamins too. I found that it's the acid in the vitamin C that is the problem- making the vitamin into basically a little acid bomb in your poor beleagured digestive tract. So I buy multi-vitamins made with Ester-C (a PH neutral variety of vitamin C). And this seems to stop my problems. I can even buy a specific Ester-C vitamin which is good for me since I can eat no fruit at all.

It's bloody hard to find multi-vitamins like this though... the one I'm using now is called MultiSure. Wish I could find another brand too as backup.

Anonymous said...

Have you talked to your doctor about possibly going on anti-MAP treatment? I understand Dr. Shafran is sort of a pioneer in mycobacterium paratuberculosis.

Does he no longer treat patients with this? Many of his studies indicate the majority of his patients are infected with the MAP bacteria and that it is the likely cause of their Crohn's.

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