Monday, October 6, 2008

My day to gripe about Crohn's Disease (Another Crohn's Disease Sucks story)

Ok, I will make this short. Crohn's disease sucks ass!

Had a great weekend...enjoyed some good food (nothing towards the top of the foods Crohn's patients should avoid list) and drank a few beers each night. A few...not 2 or 3, but not 20 or 30. All weekend I pretty much planned on getting good sleep Sunday night so I could start the week rested. Yeah right, I got in bed at 10:30 and immideately felt pain and pressure. You guys with Crohn's know exactly what I mean. Long story short, I fell asleep sometime after 3 am, only to wake up at 7 still hurting.

So the postive take away is that I am (with help, support and a teamate) turning over a new leaf and focusing on eating better and drinking less beer! There I am done. Thanks for reading the blog. Oh, and by the way, I relaunched, my personal website.

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