Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thangsgiving to All you Chronies!

Tuesday was rough for me. B12 shot, blood drawn, Humira. Probably nothing compared to what some of you are going throuigh and what I have been through in the past.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Hope the Turkey treated you guys well and you could all eat at least some mashed potatoes. I felt well, ate twice and had a few beers with the family. Just a quick post. more later.


Anonymous said...

I have a favorite nephew with Crohn's disease and was looking up information about it and ran across your blog. I really enjoyed reading all of it. I especially liked the part posted a while back about not being able to poop without reading material! I was at my mother-in-laws comparing labels on hand lotion for lack of anything else! I can identify with you on that! Thanks for taking the time to post your blog! I'll be visiting the site again, and recommend it to Daniel!

Scottie and ames said...

Please do send Daniel the link. Comments like yours make me so happy and proud. And I am sooo serious about having to read when I poop. Funny thing is so many other people are the same way. Your story had my wife and I on the verge of tears talking about all of the things I have read. It goes back to being a kid...I remember being 7 years old at my Grandmas house...and discovering Douche because I was reading the bottles under her sink!!! GROSS!!!!!

Jeff said...

B12 sublinguals work and taste okay, too, in case you want to avoid the B12 shots. You just let them dissolve under your tongue for about 15 minutes. I've used Source Naturals sublinguals:

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