Saturday, November 10, 2007

Humira Shot for Crohn's Disease at 12:45 AM - Party Hard

Well i didn't get my Humira shot this week so after about 6 beers I got home just in time for Amy to poke a needle in my arm full of Humira. I felt like I was super relaxed but it really hurt for some reason. Oh well....2 more weeks until I get more Humira. We'll see how it goes. Keep your heads up gang...Things are going a bit better for me, but work stress and stress at home are still getting me good. Lets hope I avoid a flare-up


Anonymous said...

I admire you man. My girlfriend has Crohn's and she doesn't deal with it the same. I am looking for info on Crohn's and this is such a good resource. You should be proud of doing what you are doing.

-Tim in Washington

Donald Mckenzie Jr said...

Keep up the fight man. Things can only get better. One of my freinds has Crohn's and he really tries his hardest to keep it together. Good luck!

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