Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tips for Dealing with a Crohn's Disease Flare Up - Crohn's Disease Blog

Below are some good tips for dealing with Crohn's Disease Flare ups...mine is last. Please feel free to add your own tips or talk about how YOU deal with a Crohn's disease flare-up.

From Aaron: The greatest advice I have for those with Crohn's or Colitis is to keep your chin up and stay positive. Believe it or not, attitude can play a major role in coping with IBD. Although I was formally diagnosed with Crone's disease this morning (after a colonoscopy), I have experienced many symptoms for nearly two years. While fighting through the physical pain has been extremely difficult at times, I constantly remind myself that I won't let the disease hold me back. Like many other sufferers, I am only 18 years old. And I have no intention of simply giving in and sulking in self-pity. So next time IBD gets you down, try to keep a positive frame of mind. Remember that you have your whole life ahead, and you won't let IBD stop you from making the most of it!!! Any questions, reactions, etc?

From Kimberly: This may sound strange, but it works! Read a book on pain management during labor and child birth. The breathing techniques and focusing method discussed are a great method! When the flare up starts I start doing the breathing and distraction just like I was having a contraction.

Heat1 says: I try to visualize myself in my favorite place. A little island in Florida. I imagine myself there and have fun. It helps but try to be in a quiet area or it can be more stressful and that is NOT what you need!! Hope this helps you!!

Beau says: I find that cuddling with my dog is one of the great ways to be happy, but if my dog is not available or if I just don't want to for some reason I follow my other passion, studying War history. I know it might sound lame but I can get so lost in it that I never realize what's going on. So my best advice would be to find a passion, and pursue it when your sick.

Elease says: When my aunt, who has had Chron's for about 30 years has a bad day, she reads or draws to stay quiet and take her mind off it...or she will call a friend from church or a family member and have a chat about non-Crohn's stuff to help her relax.

Amy says: Whenever I get a flare up the first thing I do is lay down and relax for a while...sometimes the stress is just to much for me. If that doesn't workthen I cut out the foods that might be a problem, and stick to liquids and bland foods. I haven't had any real bad flare ups since i really first got it and that was 2 years ago though. But I find just relaxing and taking my mind off of it usually does the trick.

Tyler says: When I have a flare-up I like to play my guitar, I find it takes my mind off of the pain.

Susan says: I recommend writing in a diary. It feels good to get the thoughts down on paper and get them out of your body.

Randy says: One way I get over the flare ups of Crohn's is hunching over my knees. This really lessens the pains. I know its happened to me many times.

Scott says (me) - I generally go on a liquid diet to ease the workload on my bowels. I think getting plenty of rest is key (but I don't). I lay on the floor on my back...seems to help..maybe it just gets the pressure and tension off of my gut. I also have a prescription to percocet which not only helps with the pain (it's the only thing that truly works for me) but tends to constipate normal people....and slows down diahreah (I still don't know how to spell that word) for me.


Tim L said...

I also have a prescription for Percocet which help immensely when in flare up. I typically have to lay down and relax. And the Percocet do help slow the bowels down as well. All doctors should provide Percocet for pain fro Crohn's patients.

Coach Williams said...

It looks like these are a year old comments. I was wondering has anyone had to quit or got fired for the excessive time off of work?

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