Monday, November 26, 2007

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam - Crohn's and Remicade or Humira?

As many of you may know, guitarist Mike Mcready of Pearl Jam is a long time Crohn's Patient. You may not know that he is currently treating his Crohn's with Humira. Does anyone know what David Garrard (quarterback for the NFL's Jacksonville's Jaguars) is treating his Crohn's with?

Regarding Mike McCready of Pearl Jam (From Billboard):
However, the guitarist has now been in Crohn's remission since the spring of 2005, thanks to a largely carbohydrate-less diet and a new medicine, Humira, which is also used to treat arthritis. That combo allowed McCready to endure the extensive tour Pearl Jam set out on in support of its 2006 self-titled album for J Records."I've been out for shorter period of times that were 20 times as miserable, because I just couldn't manage it," he admits. "This was, in effect, a walk in the park. I just put the medication in the freezer or the refrigerator at the gig. It was a long tour, so I was lucky to be able to have this thing work."

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Anonymous said...

I read a while back that Garrard gets Remicade infusions.

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