Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Humira Pen Versus Shot

As most of you know I take Humira for Crohn's Disease. This blog has had allot of discussion and comments on the Humira Shot versus the Humira Pen. My wife talked to Dr. Shafran's wife today (the office manager and a nurse) because I am out of Humira and due for a shot tomorrow. Anyways she asked about the Humira pen and they told her to stick with the shot because they have had quite a few problems with the pen "misfiring" and the humira not actually making into the patients. Since Amy has been giving me the injections at a faster pace they haven't hurt as much so I am going to stick with the shots. I am still curious about the Humira pen though. Anyways thought I would update you all. Going to Dr. Shafran (Winter Park, Florida) for a checkup and B12 shot monday. Also, the night sweats are coming back pretty strong. It has been a while since I have had bad night sweats, but the past few nights I have been soaking the sheets. Not sure what the deal is there. I think there is a connection with them and needing a Humira shot.


Nicole (aurora.pilot@gmail.com) said...

I found your blog on random, whilst I was looking up some info on Humira.
I'm a 25yr old woman with RA and I have been on Humira for nearly a year now. When I first started Humira I was given the pen. Which I thought would be easier....or so I was told by my Doctor.
Before I was on Enbrel shots. I liked the shots because for me sometimes the medication going in burns and I could slow it down.
Humira has always burned going in.
And with the pen its a SLAM and a surge of BURN.You can not control the speed.
After the injection site swells, bruises and gets a lump for up to 10 days after. Now this is just the reaction for me. A few months ago before vacation I was low and only able to get Humira shots from my pharmacy. *insert heavenly music*

SO much better!
I've been dealing with RA since I was 16 and the pen was the first time I actually wanted to avoid my medication routine.
I will never go back to the pen.
Im sure some prefer the pen over the shots. But this is just my experiences.
I know this comment is rather late and I hope you don't mind me commenting.


Anonymous said...

Thank God I found your post!!! My doctor started me on the pen a year ago because it is "easier" than the syringe. Every refill I request the syringes, but the doctor refuses to believe I don't like the pen, so I keep getting the pen.
It has grown into a phobia now -- I stand in my kitchen for an hour talking myself into giving the injection and have misfired the last two injections. I am just glad there is someone else out there who feels the way I do.

Anonymous said...

I've used the pen for 1.5 yrs with absolutly no problem and my swollen hands and knees are 95% better! 59 yr old male

Denis said...

Haha I found your blog at random too. I'm a 19 year old male with Crohn's disease. I've been on humira for almost a year and what I was given is the humira pen. So im not really bad with shots so I figured "whatever, this will be fine." This was not the outcome. I had to be given four humira shots to start off with; one on each leg and one on each arm. Nicole is right, the issue with the pen is that since it is spring loaded, it slams into. My thinking is because it enters your body so fast that the burning pain is because it is tearing your skin. Through being on this medication for almost a year i have learn the best tip. If taking the humira pen, leave it outside of the fridge for around 45 min before injecting. The lack of cold from the medicine will help reduce the pain. I've never tried the Humira shot though. But the plus for the Humira pen is that it makes getting any other shot (such as flu shot or getting blood work done) a walk in the park.

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