Friday, October 26, 2007

Severe Night Sweats and Waiting for Humira

My Humira shots ran out and there was some confusion reordering. Thankfully my wife Amy and Anita at Dr. Shafran's office have taken care of it for me and my Humira is set to arrive at the house this morning. Since it comes in a cooler (and I live in Florida), my neighbor is coming to grab it off of my front porch this morning. I can barely believe I am saying this, but I can't wait to get home and get that big juicy shot of Humira. I am three days late and sweating so much at night it is unbelievable. Last night night sweats woke me up three times. I ran out of space on my California King sized bed, and ended up going through towels, sweatshirts, etc. I was freezing! Anyways I usually sweat pretty bad again the night I get the shot but it improves after that. I go see Dr. Shafran Monday for a checkup. I am looking forward to it and consider myself lucky to have such a good and caring doctor. Anyone needs a good Crohn's doctor in Central Florida....check out Dr. Ira Shafran in Winter Park, Florida!

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