Thursday, October 11, 2007

Humira Shot Tonight

Woot, Woot, time for a Humira Shot. Lots of stress in my life (stress effects my Crohn's Disease in a big way) and I need this shot. A few idiots at my old company are stressin me out...check out my personal (non-crohn's blog) for that. Anyhow, hopefully this Humira shot does the trick. Say your prayers (also for Brandi in Seattle). Big weekend...Red Sox, several church events, maybe the beach..who knows. But if you are struggling guys...have can live a normal life with Crohn's Disease. I do it most of the time. I know what it feels like when you aren't. So if you are having issues with Crohn's, having a Crohn's flare up...or know someone that is...let me know. Whether I can help with research, prayers, advice, or just give you a laugh....I am know where to find me. -Scott


jeff said...

thanks for the place of connection scott. I appreciate it.

sara said...

I get my second dose of Humira tomorrow (2 shots). They burn like fire going in, but they're working. Good luck with the Crohn's...!

Matt said...

did yall try Remicade before going to Humira?

My insurance only convers Humira but the doc wants me to go on Remicade first since it has a longer track record.

Justin said...

I tried Remecade but it gave me severe knee reactions to the point where I could not walk for several days. I'm trying Humira for the first time tonight. I'm hoping it works for me.

Justin said...

What does everyone take for abdominal cramping. I tried Vicodin, and Darvocet. Darvocet, did jack sh*^. Vicodin seems to help.

Adam Blum said...

Humira saved my life. 2 years ago I was being ravaged by the worst and longest flare-up of my life, I was literally calling around to see which hospice would take me. Bad times.
The mouse protein in Remicade put me into convulsions.

I was beyond hoping for a miracle. But to my astonishment, Humira actually stopped the flare-up, and reversed the chronic obstructive problems that were plaguing me. (I do get a small reaction at the injections site which is taken care of with benadryl... a no-brainier of a trade off)

If I sound like an evangelist for Abbott Labs, so be it. I'd already been over the brink and they pulled me back.

All the best,
( )

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