Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stress has a Tremendous Impact on Crohn's

Stressin out over work, home life and money. I am a mess right now. Subsequently my Crohn's Disease is starting to Flare. It was a real bad day. Hopefully things turn around for me. Sorry for the short and lame post. The latest Humira shot hurt a bit. I am generallya VERY happy person...but latley I find my seslf slipping into what can only be described as depression.


Brandi From Seattle said...

I'm so sorry you are in a slump Scott. Keep your head up though. You've helped me so much and if you need to vent or whatever, I will be happy to listen. Take care.

C.F.B said...

Stress does play a major role...I have had crohns going on three years and was doing really well since finishing University. But it took one really stressful week at work and the crohns decided to flare. It is really easy to get discouraged at times like this when things were going so well.

benner said...

Sorry to hear about your stress and coinciding flare. I just went through a bout of that myself. I try to remind myself to avoid sweating the small stuff... and it is all small stuff when it comes down to it. Take it easy bro.

Becca from SC said...

hey, I am so glad that I found your blog. I was just recently diagnosed in July with Crohn's, after many months of wondering what the heck was wrong with me. I'm still trying to figure out this whole disease and what it means for me in the future. I love that you put butterfly tattoos all over your butt before a colonoscopy. haha I can't wait to try something similar out on my dr.
Stress is what caused my Crohn's symptoms to start back in March. I was working 40+ hours a week and attending school 20 hours a week, eating fast food and not taking care of myself.... poof... in the bathroom 15-20 times a day (poop-de-looping as my boyfriend calls it). Hope you're feeling better soon, thanks for blogging!

Tim L. said...

I am going through something similar now...I don't think Humira is helping me only hurting me chance of fighting things such as a chest cold. I started taking Entocort again after a week of pain and a doctors visit where my Doc told me to go Lactose free. That didn't alleviate the flare-up but the Entocort did (so far). I am also going through some stressful times in my life...followed by bouts of depression when the medication I am taking doesn't work and my doc doesn't have answers. But then I look at my 2 daughters beautiful faces and I just gotta trudge through it.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, i have been diagnosed with chrons/uc since 1976.
mumerous surgeries,( removal of some colon), twice colostomy and steroids, mp6,asulfidine etc...u mane it i was on the stuff. fistulas,lost count of the lancing...now,i have been on remicade for 1 year;i have quit smoking for 3 years. unfortunately, i am having severe side effects from the treatments; severe migraines and high fever that kick in 2-4 weeks after infusion, joint pains, i have gained almost 40 lbs. since my first treatment,(another side effect). i have gained 4 lbs since Oct 16th infusion.
anyway, i just wanted to vent. my doc keeps telling me it's normal but i think his comments are financially driven. i am thinking of stopping remicade and try Humira. has anyone used this new drug?
Thanks for listening :-)

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