Sunday, October 14, 2007

Staying Positive when you have Crohn's Disease

Hey guys...nothing too much to report here. My stomach is feeling pretty good. Had a Humira shot on Thursday and seem to be doing OK. Pain and cramping have been pretty minimal. Anyways, for those of you that are in active Crohn's flare ups or worse...keep your head up. It will get better. When it hurts it hurts, but keep a positive outlook and you will make things easier on can even trick your body into starting to heal. We all know stress is a big factor in leading to Crohn's flare ups. So step back, breathe, and focus on getting better and the positives. Hope you all had a great weekend.


jeff said...

Thanks for the perspective check, in tomorrow for the anal scope... yeha! loved the colonoscopy blog... made me laugh! you rock! thanks for the encouragement!

jeff said...

Hey it's nice to know other active people dealing with this.This is only my second year and has been a bit rough for me. I teach hand to hand combat to soldiers and police and am also a youth pastor teaching Martial arts to inner city kids. Just wanted you to know your daily scribbles help me a ton. Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I'm on the downward slope right now, exactly a week until my next remicade, but it's nice to hear you're doing well. I enjoy reading about your ups and downs (especially the downs, lol) and hope to learn some too.

Jenn, 21, Tampa, FL

Scottie and ames said...

Jeff - Let me know how the butt scope goes. I gotta say that i always have fun with those (well as much fun as you can have with someone going for some funniest home video footage in your balloon knot. Annnnyways,

Jennifer, Hopefully the remicade helps you out. Are you on a liquid diet or anything? Going almost all liquid helps me big time when I am in guys are just catching me in an upslope...will post a blog post in a bit about my last flare (4 months or so ago).


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