Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crohn's Disease and Diet

There are many schools of thought regarding Crohn's Disease and diet. High fiber, low fiber. Eat normal, eat restricted. No fruit and veggies. Eat fruit and veggies. It is confusing picking out a diet when you have Crohns. For example back in Connecticut, Dr. Sammarco told me that unless I am in a flare-up I can eat Mexican Food with hot sauce, guzzle 6 Coronas, and wash it down with nice ruffage filled salad. That never made much sense to me. Dr. Shafran (my IBD doctor in Winter Park) is a bit more sensible, wanting me to watch my diet a bit more carefully. Now I stick to just a Taco Salad and 5 Coronas. Seriously, there is a lot of information on Crohn's disease and diet. Some need gluten free diets, some are lactose intolerant and some can't drink beer. Here are some good links related to Crohn's Disease and your diet:

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