Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pain at work!

Ah, so my stomach is actually killing me. This is one of those days where Crohn's Disease sucks. One of the reps for a company I advertise with came in to take me out to Sam Sneads and after eating a normal lunch I am back at work in pain. I actually locked my office door for a while while I laid down on the floor. Ugh. Anyhow, I had to gripe. Going home to take a percocet then will try to play soccer tonight!

Anyone else deal with pain in the workplace?

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Anonymous said...

What a relief it is to know someone else deals with the same crap I do at work! (No pun intended) I totally understand what that feels like, sometimes I wish the pain could be visable to others. When you look fine on the outside and feeling like your insides are about to burst its hard for others to understand. I work as a waitress and trying to take an order while going through the cramps and pain can be a real tough task. Thanks for doing this blog, it is a real comfort to know I am not alone in this fight.

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