Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crohn's Flare Up Tips

I am not a doctor (I just play one on TV), but here are some of my tips for dealing with the onset of a Crohn's Disease Flare Up.

DEAL WITH STRESS (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!) - A major risk factor for Crohn’s flare-ups is stress. While it’s impractical to think that you can remove stress from your life completely, making an effort to at least try and limit the amount of stress can seriously reduce the number of and severity of Crohn’s flare-ups. Things like yoga or medication or even just making time in your schedule to read a good book can be great ways to relaxbeat stress. For me it is, running, just getting a mental break by myself somewhere. I am firmly convinced that your ATTITUDE can help prevent Crohns Flare Ups.

PREDNISONE - If I feel one coming on..I self-medicate a bit. I may up the Asacol, take a Humira shot early...or the best thing is two a mini (2 dose or so) blast of left over Prednisone.

LIQUID DIET - Take at least 24-36 hours are rest your gut...Drink shakes, soups, etc...put yourself on a full liquid diet.

FOODS TO AVOID - During a Crohn's Flare up most doctors, will tell you (probably wisely) to avoid spicy foods, whole grains, ruffage (lettuce, etc) and dairy products. Again, the idea is to keep it bland.

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