Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ugh Time for a Humira Shot

Yum, 40 mg Humira adalimumab shot (subcutaneous) on the way. I am sure it will make my Crohn's Disease feel beter, but damn, this is going to hurt. I'm actually going to continue this post as I get my shot of humira. Hmm, I think I would rather have a shot of Patron....maybe a Jaeger Bomb. At least I am drinking a beer.

Ok, so here goes..gonna time it...30 seconds from entry to needle withdrawl. This particular one wasn't so bad....I don't feel the needle I type this two minutes later it hurt worse than the actual shot. Maybe I am just a wuss...pain has's not as bad as it sounds. Oh, and my biggest concern with Humira is the cancer. I guess it lowers the effectivess of the immune system. I often wonder if I should stick with the Asacol and/or 6mp and deal with the Crohn's so as not to deal with the possibility of cancer.

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