Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Newly Diagnosed? You can beat Crohn's

I must say, 11 years ago as a healthy 21 year old, I was shocked to wake up from a colonoscopy, still heavily medicated, seeing about 5 versions of my hear "You have Crohn's Disease" This all came about quickly, and I just heard "Disease" and started planning my own funeral. I look back on the past 11 years....No, nothing is normal, I crap several times a day (more than you do in a week), have constant cranky-ass, and have pain all the time. That being said, I play soccer 5 times a week (at 32 years of age), ran a marathon, and still run competitively. So, if you are newly diagnosed...drop me a line. Life with Crohn's is not a cake walk...but it can be quasi-normal! Stay tuned for the story of how I crapped my pants walking through Manhattan on a date...and stealthy cut my underwear off and dropped them through my pant leg without the lucky lady noticing!


Beth said...

Bottom Line: I have GOT to hear that story!

Insurgent Blogger said...

Hi Scott
I just wanted to say thanks for blogging about your experiences. I've been recently diagnosed with Crohns and its been one hell of a journey as its taken just over a year for the doctors to figure out what we were dealing with.

Its nice to read that others are struggling with the same things I am! I figured I was the only one in the world dealing with those damn night sweats!!!!

Thanks again man I look forward to reading your updates, it nice to have people who can relate to what we all have to deal with now.

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