Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soccer during a Crohn's Flare Up

One of my biggest source of frustration has been struggling with playing sports and having Crohn's Disease. My stomach was awful yesterday (see previous post), yet I still managed to play a soccer match at 8:30. I basically was dealing cramps, swamp-ass (hey I promise nothing other than to be direct and honest) and general irritation on my hiney (well said if I was an 80 year old gentleman). Anyhow, soccer for me is an outlet and makes me feel NORMAL. My family acts as if my stomach can't really hurt that bad and almost as if I am playing it up. In reality for a few minutes I can get around or get over the pain.

So...two takeaways -
1. You can play sports even with active Crohn's or a flare up. I do it. Several professional athletes do it (David Garrard and Theo Fleury being two of them.)
2. Find your distraction....whether it's water-skiing, bungee jumping, joining the professional Rock, Paper, Scissors circuit (there is one), or meditation....Find something that at least for a few moments makes you forget about Crohn's.

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